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ummmm... I have redish blondish hair, blue eyes, and I'm involved in lots of sports. I'm a wild child; I love to go to parties and stay up all night. so I also have things that ppl call break-downs...every once in a while tho. but this is my page, where advise will be giving, becuz Ive been in every tough spot there is. and I also show you whats goin on in my life in the online journal I keep. BE SURE TO READ THEM!!!!!
Name Catherine
Gender Female
Age 18
Location Chicago, IL
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Interested in Men
Status Single
Interests painting, writing, drawing, sports, and giving advice
Music paramore, flyleaf, lost profits, blue october, fall out boy, saosin, good charlotte, chevelle, cky, underoath, blind spot, sum 41, three days grace, senses fail, avril lavigne, the bravary, lack light burn, the higher, the almost, and killwitch' engage
TV none
Books scribler of dreams, twilight, full moon, rebecca, memoirs of midnight
Quotes "You're Not Alone!" "Never say forever becuz that makes u a liar"

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IM SkatersGirl46, EmoLover2486, xxRaZoRxGaLxx
Phone (630)-226-0312


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thanks for the add. && i listin to the same type of music like you do. which is great.

By nomoreblogs on Jul 19, 2007 2:31 pm · History


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